Gyro & Accel Error in Flight

Hi Everyone,

I have been flying my copter for few days and it has been flying really good but in yesterday flight, I saw the Bad Gyro Health and Bad Accel Health warning for few seconds.

I have been trying to search to get answers but could not able to find the proper explanation. Somewhere it says that it might be a hardware issue, some says is it normal and some says it happens if FC not properly rebooted.

In my case, it happens during the flight and then gone after few seconds. Now I am afraid to fly again until I find out what it is.

can it happen due to some wire hitting the pixhawk in flight? but that will show as the vibrations right?

I am not able to open the logs also, it shows that FMT message is missing, Here is the log for your reference: 19 26-01-2024 18-58-36.bin - Google Drive

And I noticed one more thing, my transmitter was showing that there is a low voltage at receiver end and drone automatically came to home location for landing without reflecting anything in mission planner regarding RC signal loss.

Really looking forward to hearing from you. A big Thanks in Advance!

I want to help and try to open your log but it wouldn’t contain anything.

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I guess log got corrupted, I don’t know how. Still looking for the reason, help is needed. Thanks!

Anyway my drone got crashed today due to GPS glitch, I was flying in a auto mode and after few minutes I noticed the GPS glitch error, it was coming and going for few seconds and then it changed to Land mode and keep on drifting due to wind. I tried to change the mode but I could not overwrite the GPS failsafe mode.

I tried to check the log, it got corrupted like the above. Really looking for someone’s help to find out the reason behind the issues. A big thanks in advance.

For your reference here is the old flight log before crash:

Your log is not shared. you need to share access. GPS glitch can be check with

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Sorry, Now it is shared. You can check it. But this is not a crash flight log, in which I noticed GPS glitch. This is the old log of successful flight the same drone. Thanks!

Are you sure that is the log you experience gyro or gps problem. it look like the log is cutting off. Power problem. then nothing is record after that.

@ waypoint 28 your drone has gone.

your drone has Arming_Check = 1. It is not safe to fly with just a safety check only barometer.

Arming check is a bit mask. 1 = all checks. From the wiki:

Checks prior to arming motor. This is a bitmask of checks that will be performed before allowing arming. For most users it is recommended to leave this at the default of 1 (all checks enabled).

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That is correct Arming_check is checking all. I think your craft might lose power. But you state that you experience with GPS glitch message then the log is the the one you mention about GPS glitching.