Guided Mode Disabled No Longer Supporting Mission Items

It appears that the support for navigating to waypoints within guided mode is no longer supported using the mavlink mission items with the current parameter set to 2? Is there anyone that can confirm this?

I had some previous code running on an earlier version of arducopter and the command ack I now receive is a value of 3 which equates to MAV_MISSION_UNSUPPORTED and a mission type of 146, which does not appear to have a definition. The command I am sending is a mission item waypoint so command of 16.

Any help would be appreciated.

It appears from this perhaps the mode should be reflected as auto now for this function to work…
bool GCS_MAVLINK_Copter::handle_guided_request(AP_Mission::Mission_Command &cmd)
return copter.mode_auto.do_guided(cmd);
return false;

@rmackay9 is it possible for you to verify this?

This can be resolved to a mavlink versioning issue. I am marking this closed.