Guided Mode Control over CAN and DroneCAN

base on previous post from @tridge Serial over DroneCAN support
using AP_Periph as Serial tunnel
I have create a example script using pydronecan that can do Guided mode control over CAN bus from companion computer

example script is in the PR link

using Copter-4.5.1 for testing
params setup(using SITL or Pixhawk)

CAN_P1_DRIVER 1.0 # First driver
CAN_D1_UC_S1_BD 115200.0
CAN_D1_UC_S1_IDX 1.0 # Serial1
CAN_D1_UC_S1_NOD 88.0
CAN_D1_UC_S1_PRO 2.0 # MAVLink2

startup the script will route the tunnel data to a tcp connection

./examples/ --node-id 88 --tcp-host 'localhost' --tcp-port 5790 mcast:0

replace mcast:0 to the actual can intferfce ie. slcan0

in another terminal --master tcp:

or using any supported GCS

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