Guided Loiter Radius: A bug?

I’m playing with Guided mode with my plane, and I see something strange in the code. Is this a bug?

In ArduPlane.cpp, Plane::update_navigation(), the initial value of uint16_t radius = 0. It appears this is not updated before case GUIDED: calls update_loiter(radius) in line 845 in ArduPlane-3.8.0. So the value 0 goes to update_loiter().

In navigation.cpp, Plane::update_loiter(), if radius <= 1, then radius is set to LOITER_RADIUS_DEFAULT.

This seems to mean that GUIDED mode always uses LOITER_RADIUS_DEFAULT, rather than the more logical WP_LOITER_RAD parameter.

Is this a bug? Or a designed behavior? (Or perhaps I’ve got something wrong?)