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Guidance hooking up servos in Arduplane

(John R) #1

OK, a little confused in this topic. First time setting up a plane, have set up several multicopters. How should I power the servos when using a Pixhawk?

Do I pull out the power lead for all the servos, and feed them directly from a 5v BEC? or do I leave the power lead in, and feed a 5v BEC into the Main servo output section of the Pixhawk?


(marcmerlin) #2

you connect the servos to the servo rail along with the power connector, and the ESC provides power to the servo rail.
If you choose to use a BEC, then you connect your BEC to any unused output servo connector, and connect the ESC minus the power wire, to the throttle output connector.

(John R) #3

OK, thanks!

I was going to use a BEC, but break out all the servo power wires and connect to the BEC, your suggestion sounds cleaner…