Guidance hooking up servos in Arduplane

OK, a little confused in this topic. First time setting up a plane, have set up several multicopters. How should I power the servos when using a Pixhawk?

Do I pull out the power lead for all the servos, and feed them directly from a 5v BEC? or do I leave the power lead in, and feed a 5v BEC into the Main servo output section of the Pixhawk?


you connect the servos to the servo rail along with the power connector, and the ESC provides power to the servo rail.
If you choose to use a BEC, then you connect your BEC to any unused output servo connector, and connect the ESC minus the power wire, to the throttle output connector.

OK, thanks!

I was going to use a BEC, but break out all the servo power wires and connect to the BEC, your suggestion sounds cleaner…