Gstreamer 1.18.4 not playing video in mission planner 1.3.77

Hi i am trying to output my raspberry pi 4 camera to the mission planner software.

I am using Gstreamer version 1.18.4 on my pi 4.

I have attached screenshots of my mission planner version and the pipeline messages ive used in the pi and mission planner. As you can see i seem to be able to get the pipeline rolling from the raspberry pi side.

I can’t get any feed, nor any error messages when I enter the code into mission planner Gstreamer (after right clicking on the hud and selecting gstreamer source).

I’m running off windows 7 on my pc with mission planner installed.

I have tried cutting and repasting in the pipeline, plus disconnecting and reconnecting in mission planner as suggested in previous posts with no luck.

I did install Gstreamer on my pc, however I don’t believe now this was necessary from reading other posts in later versions of MP (I have 1.3.77). so i may uninstall although , i didnt work before i installed gstreamer locally on the pc.

Any ideas really appreciated. It’s very frustrating now and I need someone more knowledgeable than me now to help if possible!

Kind regards

av a