GSoC 2021 - Custom Firmware Builder

Hi all,

I am trying to create a custom FW for omnibus nano F4 V6.0 (board 133?) But no omnibus version seems compatible with my FC. Possible?

When a build is successfully created, how long is it available online afterwards?

Hi there again.
Seems that is not working again.
There’s a lot of pending builds.
When one tries to build a new firmware, system stops with message:
“Waiting for build to start…”
Is it closed for Christmas? :smiley:


I just restarted it - seems to be working

It is very important feature, but need to developed it, I used F4BY board but when connect to mission planner I can not mode select, the value in their Box is Empty


I’ve been trying to generate a build for a board with 1MB of flash memory (omnibus F4 pro) for months, with the possibility of having obstacle avoidance. The compilation works, but the obstacle avoidance function does NOT work. In the mission planner the readings of the distance obstacles are perfect but obstacles are not avoided.
This possibility of having custom FW is very important, but at the moment I have not been able to use it for the reason for which it was created. Or am I doing something wrong?
Thank you very much!

This is my log:

Vehicle: Rover
Board: omnibusf4pro
Selected Features:
Enable EKF3
Enable MSP Telemetry and MSP OSD
Enable MSP GPS
Enable MSP Compass
Enable MSP Baro
Enable MSP Rangefinder
Enable Mode Follow
Enable OSD
Enable Rangefinders
Enable Proximity
Enable Object Avoidance Path Planner

edit: nevermind, i did not realize i had to flash the apj file. that worked fine.

i’ve made custom firmware for matekf405wing and matekf405, neither will flash to boards. Boards already have 4.2(with bootloader) on it. When i try to flash i get a pop up “is this a linux board?” then “is this apm?” then “is this pixhawk” then "cant communicate with board and it fails.

any thoughts?


why are there all these difficulties in completing a CFW?

Thanks a lot for the helpful tool! You can build now a firmware with less stuff for more clear setup and operation. But it seems that TradHeli frame dropped out on curves. Is it possible to fix it soon?

BTW, it builds only master or I can choose version?