GSoC 2019: AirSim Simulator Support for ArduPilot SITL Part II

Same issue here…
Tried WSL 1 & 2. Even tried using a VM with no success.
If i use or windows ip as LocalHostIp in the settings.json, airsim just freezes once it opens.
switching to loads the graphics with no response.
same message from sitl:
“no sensor message received in last 1s, error - bad file descriptor, resending servos”

I get a similar error message with slight variation. “No sensor message received in last 1s, error - Resource temporarily unavailable, resending servos”

Using Colosseum. Latest Windows 11. UE5.2.1.


In the settings file, I set the LocalHostIp to and UdpIp to the ip found with ip addr show eth0 (one starting after “brd”).

Added “export WSL_HOST_IP=$(cat /etc/resolv.conf | grep nameserver | awk ‘{print $2}’)” to .profile.