GSoC 2018: USART-UAVCAN bridge completed

It’s been a while since I have given an update – there has been lots of code written and lots of UAVCAN packets sent and received.

The USART-UAVCAN bridge is complete! You can now connect your UBLOX gps to my adapter and have it communicate with ArduPilot over UAVCAN.
Here is the mavproxy status message as well.

The code utilizes @MagicRuB’s MAVLink-over-CAN virtual serial port PR to process the tunnel packet that my firmware receives.

As seen in the images above, it is tested on a M8N gps. Connecting the GPS to the Pixracer with the firmware I have written, connecting the Pixracer in turn to a Zubax Babel and connecting that to the other Pixracer running Ardupilot completes the chain. Confusing, right?

The code is hosted here. Now, onto documentation!


Great :+1:
Did you had a chance to test it with oli’s SLCAN adapter ? Made using the cheap stm32f103 board

I have not! I think I will give it a try, though, now that GSoC is ending.

+1 for Olli’s adapter. His UAVCAN->UART adapter (same hardware) is also great.