GPS time is wrong Rover4.2

When I updated to Rover4.2, I get different local time using
AP::rtc().get_local_time(hour, min, sec, ms),
everytime reboot machine. the RTK status is fixed.

Rover 4.1 can get accurate local time, there is not any issue.

I tried normal GPS, its time is correct.
and BRD_RTC_TZ_MIN does not work.

Let’s try and get to the bottom of this. What GPS modules are you using? Can you provide a short log file using the currently installed firmware so we can get an idea of what parameters you’re using and the performance you’re achieving at present?

I use Blicube RTK

Blicube GRTK

For the Blicube GRTK, it only requires that the GPS be attached to a SERIALx port using SERIALx_PROTOCOL = 5 (GPS) and setting only:

  • SERIAL3_PROTOCOL = 5 (“GPS”) assuming the GPS is connected to SERIAL3 (be sure any lower numbered port does not use this protocol unless a GPS is attached).
  • GPS_TYPE = 5 (NMEA)

Those aren’t the only parameters I’m interested in, nor the only data I’d like to collect. A short log file would prove very helpful.