GPS suddenly quit working? Cube with Mro M8N dual compass

Hey all, I’m using an Mrobotics GPS with the Cube 2.1. I haven’t had any problems with it till today. No matter how long I let it sit in my backyard, HDOP stayed at 100 with 0 satellites. Usually it takes 30 seconds max to get an HDOP of 0.8 or lower. The GPS is getting power and is recognized in the messages upon startup. Any ideas on what I should check? It’s driving me a bit crazy. I tried updating from 3.6.2 to 3.6.3 and it made no difference.

I’m using this GPS, which has been rock-solid so far

In U-Center, it seems to pickup satellites from inside my office. If it were outside I’d imagine it would lock. That makes me think it’s something wrong on the cube side.

Don’t know if it the same problem but once in a while one of the 2 ext sat i have stays at zero forever. Usually if i reboot the Cube it restarts (it happens on gps1 or gps2 at random).
I think there is something wrong in the latest 3.6.x versions

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I swapped an identical GPS unit on, and it works as it should. I’ll be contacting Mrobotics as I expect a GPS to last longer than 20 hours of use.