GPS sees no satellites on new build

Hi everyone, I’m very new to Ardupilot, having only flown INAV quads before. I recently bought a PixHawk PX4 and am building a plane body, and think that I got everything right, except the GPS won’t see any satellites at all. GPS status changes between 0 and 1 sometimes, but the satellite count is always at 0. This is outside with a very good view of the sky.

I have no idea how I could debug, I see some ublox-related messages in Mission Planner (apparently the FC is trying to configure the GPS and succeeding, so communication is good), but I never get any satellites, and thus can’t arm. Can anyone point me to how I could debug this?

Specs: ArduPilot 3.9.x, PixHawk PX4, uBlox M8N GPS.

I left it a bit longer today and it found four satellites, but got stuck there. I left it for around twenty minutes but no more satellites were found…


Show us a picture with GPS antenna and other transmitter (Video, telemetry) antennas. Your GPS antenna may be too close or in the same frequency (or harmonic) of video/telemetry Tx.


Here you go:

I disabled the VTX for now, the only transmitters I have is the receiver’s telemetry and the 433 MHz telemetry antenna you see in the photo.

M8N GPS is really prone to RF noise. You could move it around and find a place where signal quality is fine. When done, you may have to adjust compass orientation parameters if needed.


I see, thank you! Is there another module I can get that is less sensitive perhaps?

Have you tried outside?

Yes, this was outside. It got up to 5 satellites.