Gps sats number periodically drops to zero


Today I had strange behavior of gps satellites count in the flight.

There’s a link to the log file above.

The issue: each 6 seconds I have drop number of satellites to zero. After this in rises up to 10…12 snd drops again.
At the same moment camera stop recording and osd screen splash bright.

Also today I’d updated crossfire firmware to the latest version.

Camera is caddix fpv (split style)
Gps is bn180
FC: matek f405 wing fce

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks and regards

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that usually means the GPS is losing power, or the RX/GND pins are coming loose

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Will check wiring.


I have apm 2.8 … i have a same proplem 2 weeks before . And I changed gps compas module and try to fly , after 10 min latter gps sats number lost and comes again 4-7/8 10sat after again lost maybe arround 5-6 min . Anyway … i have new gps and spare gps module . I open apm board and i will check the gps pins … maybe some ironing proplems. thank you …

Finally I fixed my problem.
My solution was use a brand new fast sd card in camera.
As I investigated, sometimes caddixes generates a lot of noise close to gps band when have a sd cadr problems.