GPS on map not the same location?


I’ve only started recently with ArduCopter and took a ‘cheap’ approach with a APM 2.8 (from
The board is configured and the Painless360 video’s have been a great help with this.

I do not have telemetry on the system (yet, i guess). And i’ve noticed that it becomes difficult to really know what the quad is doing when in flight.

The drone has done 2 or 3 flights now and yesterday i’ve done the first RTL mode, to see if GPS works. PosHold also seems to work, however i do see some drifting. I guess this is normal as i only have the Ublox M7 GPS and of course this is not exact.

Now, i downloaded the logs and converted them to tlog and then replayed them. The GPS location shows up a few meters (let’s say 10) off on the map. Is this something that is normal? Should i worry about this?
The next aim is to do some autonemous mission. Take of, go some where, turn around, come back. Simple stuff not at a long distance. but the fact that the GPS overlay from the log worries me in doing this!

I’m not sure what this caused, but i ended up calibrating again and doing the motor compass thing. I now have stable loiter and GPS seems to be correct as well.