GPS: NO GPS. Previous error was GPS No fx. No loose connections or visible damage to wire or gps

PREVIOUS ISSUES: GPS: No FIX and Unhealthy AHRS bad heartbeat

Currently facing the issue GPS: NO GPS. One moment my GPS will be working properly and showing 7 sats. Seconds later it wont have any GPS signal at all. Mission planner will say NO GPS.

Last time I was here, I had the issue of GPS no FIX. the GPS took forever to fine satellites, but eventually I was able to find 7. Unfortunately I ran into the error of Unhealthy AHRS.
Another community member recommended I update the Navio and Arducopter. We ended up reinstalling the navioOS and then did the appropriate firmware update and setup for arducopter. We did the mandatory hardware calibrations and now we are presently facing the GPS. NO GPS issue.

When Mission Planner reports NO GPS it means there is no gps. That could be a defective GPS or a bad connection to the GPS. No fix means it has not received enough satellites or a good enough reception to get a 3D fix and establish location but it does “see” the GPS. In other words it is communicating with the GPS, there is just not enough data to establish a fix.

Please can you confirm version of arducopter running on your Navio2.

I have the same problem with Navio2 and arducopter 4.0.6 (No GPS or No Fix message).

I reverted to 4.0.5 and GPS is fine.

4.0.6 is OK on another setup (not Navio2).

Do you have USB3.0 connections on the Navio? Those are known to interfere with GPS reception. How far apart is the GPS receiver from the rest of the electronics?

I’m aware of the difference between No gps and GPS no fix. I was just wondering why one moment I’m getting satellites and the next moment it can’t pick up my GPS. Before I reflashed my navio the GPS error was simply no fix now after I reflashed the GPS error is even worse.

I believe we are using 4.0.6. I’ll have to check. Can consider that possibility

You clearly have a intermittent problem. Bad cables or a problem with the uart in the GPS or flight controller. Seems like the cheapest troubleshooting measure would be to replace the cable first.

GPS module is part of Navio2 card. There is an active antenna with connector. Even without that antenna, when GPS configuration is fine, GPS status is 1.

If GPS status is O (No GPS), it is a configuration problem (config or bug).

Some update:

I had a check with arducopter 4.0.5 to validate configuration.



It should work.

It it is also fine with arducopter 4.0.6

If it is integrated then it is harder troubleshoot without a complete replacement unit to swap out.
Linux makes it also harder because there are fewer people that use it.

Understanding that this is an old post, and possibly unrelated, however I hit the same symptoms.

The “data” view shows “NO GPS”. However hitting [ctrl+F] to bring up the “temp” dashboard, I can see that the GPS is listed in green as “En Present Ok”.

Opening a QGroundControl and watching the sensor output, the issue was that there was no satellites locked in. Once that occured I went back to Mission Planner and now see the GPS online.

no gps either. i have a c099 on a laptop going through sik radio to telem one on a cube orange.
two ardusimple rtk2b as moving base and rover connected through pinouts to gps1 and gps2 respectively.
u center shows healthy gps signals . the base station shows time/dgnss the others show 3d status.