GPS no fix problem

hlo ,

During my integration of GPS with arduopilot I face the problem that it shows no fix. Is there anyone can help me in solving the problem. I am using apm 2.8

Is it indoors ? How many sats do you get?
what about the HDop? . Can you see an led, lit or flashing in the GPS module?
Is your external compass calibrated?.

@ambattuhari it is outdoor and my gps HDop is 99.99 .in gps only red light flashes and i m using internal compass.

So it is getting power. Check for loose contacts. Can you post a Photo of the GPS unit & its connection to the APM port? Using the external compass will be better.

for using an external compass in apm 2.8 I have to remove the internal jumper and I m not a pro in this so, for this reason, I m not doing that. according to you what may be a problem regarding my GPS no fix problem

In APM2.8 the Mag jumper is near the GPS port. Just pull it out to disable the internal compass.
Post a photo. view these photos and tell me what’s the problem in gps

can’t figure out much from the pictures.
GPS unit must be on a stand, away from power lines.
Its’ arrow must align with the arrow on the FC.
Bad Compass health: have you connected the external compass pin.
Post a picture of the connectors (gps & Mag).
Try swapping Rx-Tx wires of the gps connector.

I have fixed my GPS was the problem of connector. And tell me one thing how can I use external compass

Happy to hear that. If it is an APM2.8, there is a Jumper near the GPS Port.
Remove that, and select external compass in MP.

I have uploaded the pics of GPS port of APM 2.8 pls review that and tell me which jumper I have to remove

Read this.

In APM 2.8 the port below the GPS has 4 pins but in GPS module there are only 2 pins so pls tell me which pin I have to use for using external Compass…
And THANKU for your continuous support.

The side pins are + & -.
The compass gets power from the GPS.
So just plug the 4 pin connector with 2 wires.

side pins mean extreme left and extreme right or adjacent to the each other

yes. extreme left & extreme right.
post a photo of the compass Pin.

follow the previous link of drive

There is a 4 pin connector with RED & WHITE Wires. Just plug it in the port below the GPS port .

there is a two pin connector for external compass one wire is of white colour and other is orange. 4 pin connector is for the GPS

I can see it in the photos
If u want to connect the compass, U should plug it in.
There are 4 pins in the port under the GPS

1st Pin-No Connection
2nd connect
3rd Connect
4 rth No connection.