GPS Lost and drone CRASH

Hello everyone, my drone lost GPS and start glitch in air, after this lost stabilize and crush in the ground, pls help to understand why this happining.

thank you,

Log BIN can download in google drive

I’m worried about GPS glitch , why this happened ? In my case I don’t understand wiki or out of my head
2nd if GPS glitch is so why copter make circle ??
Imus knows what’s going on there , so why copter makes circle even more N more big in my case (not everytime)
There is option on wiki ** A GPS failsafe event will occur if GPS 3D lock or the position “Glitches” for at least 5 seconds while Copter is in a mode that requires the GPS (RTL, Auto, Loiter, Circle, Position, Guided or Drift) **

Where to set , when my GPS glitch is trigger then not an circle option make position hold or make drift ?