GPS Glitch in flight

I have Matek F405CTR, flies well, but sometimes it catches GPS Glitch and switches to land mode

Log here:

Any solution for this?

There are too many errors to be sure but this does not look like it was caused by GPS. GPS status stays at 3d fix.
The only thing that is going to fix GPS glitches issues is a dual GPS.

Your Z vibrations are going up to 60. that is to high and that may be the reason that EKF estimates another position than GPS returns which leads to a GPS glitch

I think Harald is correct. Things looked ok to start but at 9:09.15 things go bad. AccZ the bottom yellow line should stay between -5 & -15. That high vibration causes flight problems, also it is proven repeatable to Glitch a GPS by shaking it.
Post a picture of your copter & FC mount there are many Pro builders here that will help if they can see your build.