GPS Denied waypoint navigation on BBBlue with it's inbuilt QEP and motor driver modules

Hi friends,
Waypoint navigation upto some level on BBBlue with it’s inbuilt QEP and DC motor modules.

Yet tuning is required for more preciese motion.

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It would be great if you could share the code by making PR to get this code in master

Definitely i will share the code changes, just let me finish my task here.

Hi ppoirier,
I have created a PR for the same. The changes are using inbuilt QEP and motor driver modules of BBBlue for Ardurover. “

Things i did-

  1. Commented the servo out in AP_MotorsUGV.cpp and placed motor driver module calls for only use inbuilt motor driver module.
  2. Created new QEP class for QEP implementation and commented the existig wheelEncoder class.
  3. Added some new libraries.
  4. changes in AP_Arming files.

Things needed to be done-

  1. Options in GUI for choice of implementation in between BBBlue QEP and motor driver modules usage and existing servo_outs and wheelEncoder driver usage.

Hope this will be examined soon. Waiting for validating my changes.

Great !! ,
I see that you have implemented the robotic cape modules, really interesting.
@khancyr can you help with this PR?

one point, while running Ardurover there is a notification of mag anomaly and graphically it start rotating counterclock slowly but the bot is not rotating though. I knew whenever it gets magnetic field disturbance it starts yaw_realignment. But is this always going to be happen? Also after that when i start motion in either GUIDED/AUTO it gets deviated.

Do you use the internal or the external compass?
Have you successfully completed the compass calibration ?

Internal compass is being used and done with the compass calibration.

Well , maybe its too noisy, if you can, try moving the FC far from EMI sources