Gps denied odometry frames

@LuckyBird for the awesome guided on vision based navigation.
I don’t have a T265 hence I am not able to understand its output. In My case, I am running SLAM and the output of slam is in right hand co-ordinate frame (i.e X is copters’s forward, Y is left, and z is up) can I pass this odometry or do I have to apply conversion before passing it to the mavros vision topic?


For vision odometry we recomend at least ArduCopter 4.1.3

Hi, I am on the master branch. I am sorry if I tagged the wrong version, I’ll correct it.

I would suggest going through the coordinate reference frame section in this wiki Using Vision or Motion Capture Systems for Position Estimation | PX4 User Guide (the other parts are specific for PX4 but the frames and conversion should be applicable to AP).

Most likely, a conversion from your SLAM to MAVROS would be necessary.

Hi, I went through the documentation you mentioned, In this table it mnetions, FLU in body frame is equivalent to ENU in world frame.

What is the ideal input I shall pass to Mavros? I know its ENU but does ENU mean that copter’s forward should be in right? @LuckyBird

The input to mavros needs to be in ENU frame. Not sure what you mean in the second sentence, but body frame’s x aligns with forward direction in ENU.
This figure might help a bit. Replace the T265 with your SLAM’s coordinate system and the conversion process should follow the same steps.

okay, that means, the “F” front of the vehicle should be aligned with the “North” axis of ENU right? and thanks for the resource