GPS CUAV is not recognized in COPTER 4.1.1

I updated my V5+ to copter version 4.1.1 and my serial GPS V2 is no longer recognized. But in version 4.0.7 it works normally, I’ve already checked the speeds of the portal and they are the same in both firmware. I even compared the parameters of both logs and found no differences.

Parametros X8 (v4.0.7).param (17.6 KB)

Parametros X8 (v4.1.1).param (16.3 KB)

Nota: In both logs I didn’t do any drone configuration adjustment, I just installed the copter version to check which one recognized the GPS.

Likely related to GPS broken on Copter 4.1

It’s worth trying Complete Parameter List — Copter documentation set to 4


GPS_DRV_OPTIONS=4 did it! thank you!

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Ah, sorry my bad - not following my own advice on bitmasks!

Glad it worked for you!

@rmackay9 maybe worth a more prominent release note?

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You solved my problem, too, thank you.