GPS coordinates always drifting off - even when not moving. (ArduCopter 3.0.1)


I am running ArduCopter 3.0.1-rc2 on a Crius AOIP Flight Controller and i connected it to an NEO-7M GPS Module.

The flight controller recognizes the gps module and gets a fast gps-fix on the right coordinates. But then it constantly drifts of in one direction - even though the copter is not moving at all.

I checked the gps module in ucenter and it doesnt drift off there, the coordinates stay stable. I followed the instructions on this page to set up the gps configuration for the gps module with ucenter:

I also connected a neo 6m module to figure out if the gps module might be the problem - it showed the exact same behaviour.

So i guess the problem must be in the configuration of the flight controller. Any ideas what might be wrong?

I am not familiar with the Crius AOIP controller… can you post a .bin file or log?

I will try to do that. I am not sure if the flight controller supports logging.