GPS config u-blox M8N

Dave, I am not sure why the M8P will not let me send this configuration.
Please try with the M8N and let me know what happens.

After a save i get this

Curt, no it won’t do it. If I send that configuration and then select something else and go back to it it’s reverted to what is was. I’m scratching my head over what is really supported with the module and the config from Mission Planner. I don’t have any complaints really with the GPS+Sbas+Gloness config but it bother me that I don’t understand what can be utilized and configured. The engineer in me can’t let it go :slight_smile:

Dave, agreed I will look into it. I have another case open at ublox once that is solved or replied to I will pose this Q.

Do you use this ttl adapter to connect gps to pc ?

No I have the Here+ M8P it has a usb cable that comes with the units (both base and rover).

There is a port inside the here+ gps puck. If I remember correctly, the RTK base usb fits for a U center link. Changing some stuff in U center should enable more GNSS systems. I’d have to check my other airframes to refresh my memory, but I’m tackling other issues currently.

Yes, I’m in China, I can get 10 to 15 Beidou’s satellites, and 10 to 13 GPS’s satellites

Hi @Paladin
Im not using here+
I use this m8n gps

This is what I found should work.
try USB-to-CMOS Serial adapter from SiLabs parts.

Hi @mtnsurveyor
Could you please provide link or chip name of USB-to-CMOS adapter ?

I could not find it. It looks like this one should work. Same as the on you found.
TTL Converter:

I can confirm that its possible to connent ublox GPSs to pc with this FTDI adapter

I think i found the problem after connecting my m8n with FDTI adapter i got everything same as mission planner passthru

In the picture abow we cant check/uncheck items in red circle because they are the gnss system enabled in firmware for example if you install firmware 3.0.1 the Galileo gnss syatem will automatically enable
And if you want to configure your gps gnss system you have to check/uncheck items in green circle

Good work! I will try this. Can you enable beidou?

Yes beidou is enabled in default firmware

M8N refresh frequency depends on the number of GPS system selected.

GPS or another one is 10hz
GPS + GLONASS or another one (Beidou or Galileo) is 5hz

Ardupilot check the configuration, 3hz refresh is not a valid parameter so you have to choose a valid one with 1 or 2 navigation system (10hz or 5hz).

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Back to Europe Galileo was also not visible.
I had to activate MSG --> “01-30 NAV-SVINFO” to see Galileo in u-center.
So Galileo was probably visible in the US. u-center just didn’t show it with the default M8N config.
This was a brand new mRo M8N directly connected to u-center. It was never connected to a FC at this time.

Hello all.
I’m using u-Blox M8N GPS.
I have selected Beidou in u-center but I can’t get any of Beidou’s satellites. While I receive about 11 Beidou’s satellites with the phone GPS.
Can anyone help me?

Which brand GPS are you using? There are lot of fake M8N available in market.

I have this module.