GPS Blend testing report

I just wanted to comment on GPS blend option.
I have been using it (2 Zubax UAVCAN Gps) on our test machine for 200 flights (around 100 hours). It just worked reliably, never a problem and position has never been so stable and accurate in any Gps positioning mode.

Thank you to the team for a great option that looks like is not used much but it should because it improves greatly Gps performances and reliability in my opinion.

Using it on a Black Cube and 3.6 ChibiOS




wish the can was available to use now with the here gps


Thanks for the feedback. I also think the blending feature is really good but under used feature. It’s a very cost effective way to improve position accuracy.


Randy thanks for your reply,do you no when the mission planner/ardupilot will be available roughly for using the can bus with the here GPS please and thank you

Randy will probably answer your question more reliably but i think it is an here issue to implement uavcan compatibility, not MP/AC.

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thank you Corrado it cold be a while then with all that they have going on dam and dam

And i think only Here 2 has the hardware to take advantage of uavcan once they implement it.

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yes you are correct it has to be the Here 2 had one waiting for this to happen

I have wanted to do dual GPS for sometime.So perhaps it’s time.
I have a Zubax GNSS V2 on the canport…well once I get it back as it’s appears to not be working. that said, I also have a M8N so I am wondering can I use this combo for Dual GPS.

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It explains everything here :

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I plan on using a pair of matek M8Q gps. They are really small and perform exceptionally well considering their size.

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Speaking from the rover side of things, I completely agree, the GPS blending feature is phenomenal. The positioning accuracy I’ve been seeing with a UBlox M8N and older generation 6M is very robust. In open parking lots I’ve been getting close to +-1m accuracy just with blending. Thanks for all the hard work that went into this feature!


I have one of those matek M8Q they are excellent

I get ±1m regularly with one M8N on a DJI F550 hex. Worse case is about ±2.5m. I wonder how much better than that would two M8N’s give me?


Good day all

I echo your comment Corrado_Steri
I have been using the dual GPS option for some time ( using best signal ) and I get
good positions. I use dual SE100’s on pixhawk 2.4.8 and pixhackV3.

Best !