Google Summer of Code Update!

The second period for this years Google Summer of Code
has finished and all the projects are moving along really nicely.

Dimitri Vasilkov is making progress on the UAVCAN Drivers and Documentation, several issues and pull requests are being actively worked on which is great. And he has published these blogs on his work so far:

Ayush Gaud’s work is quite impressive, he is using stereo cameras to give the drone an awareness of its surroundings and allow it to fly around obstacles. You can read about his work here:

Arnav Dhamija has been working on a new video streaming workflow for APSync, still not much has been released however his work should bring digital video streaming to the project, if you are interested you can read about what he is doing here:

Ebin Philip is bringing balance bot support into ArduPilot, through out the years several implementations of this have been done, but it was never really brought into the project. Ebin’s work is finally integrating this into master. He has advanced a lot in this second period and has published documentation on how to use balance bot go to this page if you want to give it a try, but note that this is still experimental:
You can also read his blog post and keep up with his progress here:

Finally Sepehr MohaimenianPour has been working to get nVidia’s Redtail project working with Ardupilot. Redtail brings visual autonomous navigation to drones and rovers by using a deep neural network. Sepehr has Redtail currently working with SITL and has written a very detailed blog post here:

and provides detailed instructions here to reproduce what he has done so far:

This year has brought some great students to the project, they are all doing great work and clear progress and promise to bring lots of great functionality for all Ardupilot users. Keep up the great work on the last push of GSoC!