Goodluckbuy GPS compas not working

i have two of those GPS, wired to my DroPix. I cant see data from mx2 my2 mz3, no external compass detected.
When i use another compas (hmc5983) it works.
Checked the wires 100 times and also tryed all possible combinations.

what could that be?

It could be that it uses an unsupported compass (a bit unlikely because we support a lot of compasses) or it could be that this particular compass is disabled by default. Maybe try setting COMPASS_TYPEMASK to 0 and reboot the board to see if enabling all possible compasses helps.

… it could also be a hardware issue of the GPS/Compass module …


must be something else.
i dont think its the hardware. everybody else was reporting that gps as working. and i have several of those.
i will try it on my pixracer next.