Good tuned quadcopter vibrates quite a bit at loiter only

Hello again guys,
yesterday i asked i question about my a high autotune value here:\

Mr. andyp1per, told me that everything was ok so today it was the day for checking my new tune.
Stabilize, Althold are pefrect, the copter seems tuned quite well, a day and night difference before autotune.

BUT Loiter is not good, copter oscillates quite a bit, on roll axis mainly (as i can see). You can also hear the motors make that vib sound… I’m afraid to try other gps enabled modes with that behavior… Something is wrong…

I searched about this issue but i’m not sure what to do. Could someone please have a look at my dataflash log and give some guidance please?

I uploaded the file here:

Thanks in advance

please autotune accroding to these refrences

i don’t understand your comment.
All necessary steps to manual tune and autotune the drone were followed. It flies perfect except in loiter. Did you ever had a look at the log? I don’t think so.

This craft is underpowered/overweight.


This could be trouble when a higher thrust demand is required. You will know when you receive Thrust Loss errors when the outputs max out.

maybe, but i dont think that this is related to the loiter oscillations.
moreover the problem exists with or without the camera payload.

Maybe true but you should have addressed this thrust/weight issue before getting very far.You will have to re-tune it anyway after it’s corrected.

i found this:

tomorrow i will try halving PSC_POSXY_P and PSC_VELXY pids and see. I will report back the results.

Solved. Lowering PSC_POSXY_P and PSC_VELXY pids by 60% solved my issue.