Golf_driving range ball picker/autonomous rover

I’m interested in creating a 1/8 scale application for an autonomous vehicle setup. Essentially, I would like to define a specified area by gps coordinates and have the vehicle drive in a grid pattern once every 2 hours and then park in a specified location. The idea is that once I have the 1/8th scale rover running in the specified manner, I would find some way to outfit a full size driving range cart to do the same. Eliminating the need for a driver.

for a little background regarding my experience with ardupilot:
I have built a few quadcopter. Both running on apm 2.6 and pixhawk 2.4.8. I use mission planner in windows 10 and have successfully flown autonomous planned missions. I’m assuming that setting up a rover to do what I’d like shouldn’t be all that different but since I have never used an apm or pixhawk to operate a rover, I thought it would be best to chime in on the forum and see if anyone has any advice that could help me avoid potential pitfalls.

Also, I’m still a ways off but at some point if I’m going to try to get this working in a full scale golf cart. Does anyone know about a servo that would be powerful enough to steer the wheel of a golf cart? And what setting up such a powerful servo would entail?

You should read the blog post of Matthew Reimer who has equipped his full size tractor with Ardupilot and has solved the steering issue. If I remember well , he avoided to steer the actual wheel with a servo (too imprecise), but rather interfaced the hydraulic steering somehow, with position feedback to avoid oscillations.
Full story here :

Experiment with an RC model first before going full size to get familiar with how Rover works and what the parameters do and mission planning.

Servo’s can be bought from here:

Thanks, Grant.