Going faster in Auto mode with SITL?

I’m currently muddling my way through the code and documentation, please let me know if there are docs pointing to more information about this topic!

I have APM (Copter) running in SITL mode on my machine. The simulator is Gazebo since I’ll be doing some processing in ROS and those two play nicely together. The simulated craft is the standard Iris quadcopter. When I upload and fly a mission with waypoints, regardless of what I set the copter can’t seem to go faster than about 10m/s.

I would like to configure things such that the copter has performance characteristics similar to a racing drone (read: much, much faster). How would I go about making this happen? Right now I can think of two places that might hold the solution: either I modify some params on the firmware itself (is there a param that represents max motor power?) or somehow specify a different frame/craft that should be simulated in Gazebo.

As to the first hypothesis there seem to be many many hundreds of parameters that can be tweaked and without knowing what they do I’m a little hesitant to just start turning knobs. Regarding simulating a different frame: I’ve gone digging through the source code to try and understand how a frame is specified and used (this folder seems promising) but I’m struggling on how I then have the simulator “run” this new frame.

the short version is: how do I make my simulated quad go faster? The goal once I have a stable simulation going is to buy real world parts and graduate to HITL or just straight up flying missions in the real world with a dedicated GCS.

Thanks for reading!