Global parameter addition to Copter related issue: Failed to display advice ("Units", "Options", "Desc") as well as to limit the values within Mission Planner

I am trying to add some global variables to the var_info table in “Parameters.cpp” along with declaration in “Parameters.h” and “config.h”, respectively, within Copter-3.4 and/or 3.5 with the help of “”, however, Mission Planner (incl. 1.3.49) does not seem to realize the “@Param~@User” comment based commands properly, thus, the ground station does neither display advice to the user nor limit the values that the user may set the parameter to in conjunction with “@Range” command.

In accordance with DataFlash log data given by the flight, the values set by the user seem to be changed accordingly but not sure if main code realizes the values of parameters given by the user through ground station properly.

I believe newly added global parameters can probably be accessed from the main code e.g. as g.XXX though, I am wondering why the ground station does not realize “@Param~@User” commands at all.

This issue may be similar to “Q Variables Descriptions not visible in Mission Planner Parameter List”, though, how can I resolve this issue in case of Copter?

Thanks a lot in advance