Glider autopilot setup : questions about the Soaring functionality


I just wanted to understand better the command : will it allow the FC to cut the motor of my glider off at a waypoint and in that case control the speed only with the pitching of the nose until the next waypoiny ? I was willing to program a gliding phase.

Thank you for your support

No, you wouldn’t use that command for a control surface servo or the motor output. Check out Soar functionality. There are sophisticated parameters for Auto Missions.
Soaring 4.1


Thank you for your helpful advice. I just wanted to check some of the parameters I changed with you to see if I have done everything right before the maiden flight :

  • TECS_SPDWEIGHT has been changed to 2.0

  • Soaring mode was enabled of course but I also changed RC11_OPTION to 88 in order to enable, with the mid position of the switch, the automatic motor cutoff without activating the THERMAL functionality (I just want my glider to climb with throttle on and then glide when SOAR_ALT_CUTOFF is reached).

  • SOAR_ALT_CUTOFF to 80 | SOAR_ALT_MAX to 120 | SOAR_ALT_MIN to 20 | The altitudes might seem very low, but I have a small aircraft (1m 50 of wingspan) that I don’t want to lose sight in order to be able to recover the aircraft by switching to manual mode if a problem occurs. Also, the location where I will be flying is flat.

And that’s all for the parameters I modified. Also, just to be sure, I wanted to ask if the glider in ‘‘mid’’ soaring mode will be gliding and be able at the same time to follow the mission. I also asked the glider to go below the SOAR_ALT_MIN altitude at some waypoints in order to start an approach to finally land.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Danny-I’ll admit to knowing a lot more about Auto Mission commands than I do about Soaring functionality. I did notice that I linked to the pre 4.1 Wik and no doubt you will be on 4.1/4.2. I fixed the link. Of note is you do not have to set the TECS parameter.

You should create another post with Soaring in the title so members with experience with these features can respond.