Gimbal not level

Hi. I have the following issue: i fly an auto mission with waypoints to take photos of a building site. I noticed that always the first photo taken at the first waypoint is not level, all the other photos in the rest waypoints are level. Anyone had this? Any reason for this?

@angeliak If you place a small delay before taking the shot at the waypoint, it will give the aircraft a chance to stabilise.


I did put a 2s delay already and still thebfiwat shot ia not level at waypoint 1

@angeliak Something weird with your gimbal.
Not an answer but a “band aid solution”:
Place an extra waypoint say two or three meters before your actual first waypoint.

do you have a “point of interest” stored in your mission somewhere?


Yes i have set ROI…

Then remove it run the mission again and see how it does behave…