Getting started with rover hardware

So I’m thinking about building a rover but all of my experience is with multirotors. I have a spare pixhawk 2.1 lying around and bought some hardware that I’m thinking won’t be compatible.
I bought a DC motor driver that supports PWM but I guess not RC PWM, didn’t know there was a difference until I bought it of course.
Using the motor driver hooked up to a power supply I can power the DC motor I bought as well and it seems fairlyy efficient but that doesn’t do me much good if I can’t control it using the Pixhawk
The motor driver is a MD10C R3 from Cytron
Motor is 12v DC geared
I guess im looking for reccomendations on a motor driver that works with the Pixhawk. Also heard there are brushed ESCs which might solve my issue but I don’t know anything about them either.
I’m planning on using a Taranis transmitter with either and X8r or R9 if that matters


We support brushed motors! So no worries to use it!

I am aware that Brushed DC motors are supported but I don’t think the motor driver I purchased is. I’m thinking of getting some brushed ESCs instead or some motors with encoders built in.

The MD10C R3 can get true PWM signal type (and not RC PWM) and we can output PWM with ArduRover.
It get Sign-magnitude mode that is BrushedWithRelay
and Locked anti-phase mode that is BrushedBiPolar.

Brushed is a wrong name … but I cannot do anything about that because multirotor community don’t want to learn real engineering term … So instead of PWM signal type we get BrushedWithRelay …

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Thanks, for the help, I’ll give it a shot this weekend with the hardware I have.

I use brushed ESC’s for RC Cars/Trucks. They have worked well, are waterproof, compact and not that expensive.