Getting IMU errors on new boat


Does anyone know what these error messages mean and how to deal with them?

EKF3 IMU0 forced reset
EKF3 IMU0 mag anomaly yaw re-aligned
EKF3 IMU1 mag anomaly, yaw re-aligned

Seems like a magnetometer calibration issue.
Did you calibrate it?
Maybe a good idea to share on-board logs…

I calibrated both internal and external compass, and accelerometer. I was never able to calibrate the compass to better than yellow though.

Disable the internal compass and only use the external one.

I have. I am using external only. Haven’t seen the errors in a while though. Scratch that. Errors are back now.

how is it mounted, can you post a photo?

Its just a prototype mounted on a cardboard. I am just testing and checking if everything is working before I can build the real thing. I am having trouble with throttle settings. Need to fix the throttle first.

Until you build the real thing it’s a waste of time worrying about compass calibration. Calibration calculates offsets from on-vehicle interference.

isn’t it very difficult to rotate a big boat around all axes for compass calibration?

Use the large vehicle calibration or compass learn function. I prefer the latter.

You aren’t doing any good trying to calibrate on the bench.

I didn’t know about “large vehicle calibration” Just googled it and it seems way simpler. What about calibrating accelerometer? That still requires me to rotate the boat.

Looks like large vehicle calibration isn’t available for QGC though

You should do the multi-axis calibration of the FC out of the boat and then do the single axis after it’s installed.

You should be using Mission Planner for setup, configuration and calibration. QGC is a great Ground Station after the vehicle is running it’s best.

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I did a large vehicle magcal. Both my internal and external compasses are “secondary” shouldn’t one be primary? I disabled the internal one