GCS <-> Companion Coputer <-> Drone FC

Greetings Drone fellows;

New to this forum, after searching for a similar configurations w/o any results, I would like to open this thread or please send me a link to an existing thread with this topic :slight_smile:

The target I have in mind for the system is to use a companion computer to control my drone FC while getting general instruction (mission planning, etc’) from a GCS. Thus, the companion computer will communicate as a mediator between the GCS and the Drone.

Now, I realize there might be other ideas to accomplish this concept in various other ways, and I am open to hear about them too. Regardless I am very interested to know if any of you have tried putting up this concept before, and if so if there is any documentation as close to the actual code as possible, or high level design.

The companion computer I am intending to use is a windows 10 based SOC, which I will write the code for interacting with the GCS and the Drone using Mavlink protocol.

Appreciate your help,