Galileo compatibility

Hi all,

I’m using pixhawk (ChibiOS) with neo m8n.

I would like to know if its revelant to upgrade my neo m8n gps to support gallileo.

Do you think that the accuracy gain will improve positionning ? I’m located in Europe

Arducopter is able to manage Gallileo, NavStar and others systems at the same time… ?

No, Galileo barely operates, reliability is not up to any other GNSS.
Adding GLONASS, however, is a very good thing, especially in northern regions.

I think that the constellation is not fully operational yet :

Arducopter is able to use 10Hz frame rate ?

And use glonass, navstar Galileo at the same time ?

Yes ArduCopter runs fine with 10Hz. And yes it works fine with multiple constelations.

Galileo is currently working nicely with good constellation.
The state of Galileo has changed dramatically during past year.

I think that all gps constellations can’t be enabled at the same time with an usable refresh rate
I must choice between gps and glonass or gps and Galileo (not more than 2 constellations)

SBAS is considered as a constellation… ?