Gal Nitzan In Memoriam

Good morning all.
For those that might know Gal Nitzan. Last night he lost his fight with Pancreatic Cancer leaving behind his wife, daughter and son. He was diagnosed earlier this year and did his best to fight what was an aggressive form of the disease…

Gal was a big fan of Arducopter, the Arducopter Community and of drones in general.

He posted often in this forum and did his best to help who he could.

He was my friend and shall miss him.

Good bye my friend we shall fly again in another life. Full throttle and keep it level.


Really sad news. We will miss him.


He was my fiend as well and I will miss him greatly. Working with him on his last project was truly inspiring.


Sad to hear. He was always friendly and cheerful in the forum :slight_smile:

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Really sad news. I have learnt a lot from his posts. Allways constructive and inspiring contributions.

This is really sad to hear. He helped me a lot on this forum and always answered my questions. God Bless him and his family…will be missed!

Rest in Peace Gal

you will be missed

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This is really sad news… RIP Gal Nitzan…


Thanks for your contribution to our hobby.
I will miss you and your friendly help.