gaia 190 with cube

Hello team ,i am trying to fly a big hexa with cube black and i am having issues,My hexacopter is gaia 190 hybrid drone from foxtech,steps that i have made are hard mounting the cube enabling 3 imus i have change settings gyro filter etc for 28 inch propelers acording to ardupilot diagrams.i ve try to save trim in stabilize mode with a save trim switch(save trim does not appears on screen when i turn switch down).Flying in stabilize mode is generally good but yaws a bit left by itself,in alt hold it keeps altitude in middle throttle stick but drifts more to the right,now in loiter also drifts right a bit and when stays in potition shakes like drunk and wobbles.Thanks a lot for your time,I have attached my log file from my latest flight.



Can you host that .bin file somewhere useful? A proper filesharing service instead of facebook?