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Funding for RPi Compute Module carrier board


(Artem Skorsky) #21

“The board you linked above isn’t available yet” probably i misunderstood.

new Carrierboard based on standard cube carrierboard with Cm3L will be available soon.

CM3 CAM ports you cannot use both at the same time, even its orriginal dev board, you have to connect wires manually to select which CAM port you want to use.

from our experience CM3L is betetr than CM3 , because eMMC memory is limited with 4GB, to acces the eMMC you need dev board, even after development, it is very hard to copy the OS from SD card to use on other. and we compared the performance we ddint see significant difference

so we desided to use CM3L with outputs USB, UART, SPI, I2C, CSI with standard droncode connector all except CSI.

also planning to add standard wifi ESP module as well,

what are your opinions on this? Maybe you would like to add something?

(James Pattison) #22

I didn’t read far enough up: that was 16 months ago - it wasn’t available! But I also commented much later that two manufacturers had brought CM3 options to market (ie Dronee and Emlid).
Anyway. Not really relevant now.
You can definitely use both CSI’s concurrently, you just can’t sync them for proper stereo vision by the way.
Agreed regarding CM3L vs CM3, agreed. The only way to make the CM3 be properly useful is to expose USB storage.

(mlebret) #23

Emlid use CM3 on the Edge. USB is used for firmware updates (like installing new Linux distribution). Other current operation can be done via SSH.


(Artem Skorsky) #24

Lychee- RPI Compute Module carrier board is available now,

for more information visit: