Funding for GSoC student hardware: Dimitri Vasilkov [Approved]

Development of SPI/I2C/USART to UAVCAN translator as a part of GSoC Project.

Proposal type: Hardware

Description: Over the duration of next month GSoC student Dmitri will be working on UAVCAN support improvements in Ardupilot Project. Part of this project will involve him interfacing GPS and Compass over UAVCAN with existing modules available on the market. The Serial/UAVCAN translator will run on an additional Pixracer as a prototype.

Planned amount $$ (USD): 400.31
Breakdown can be found here:

Estimated time for completion: ~1.5 months

Thank you @bugobliterator and @Andrew_Tridgell

The funding team is trying to gather all requests from all mentors, to get better prices for common equipment between teams.

Approved by funding committee, thanks.