Full AIO version

Hello everyone I want to make or build Full AIO version board.
Recently some research and after got this

But there is a problem , no baro and magnetometer sensor so it will fix to I2C connection

Question is can I use arducopter on this board like omnibus F4 Vx , Mateksys boards ?

  • Ans is yes , so hoe to …

  • Ans is no , any other option ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

That board uses the STM32F411 microcontroller, which only has 512Kb of flash memory.

To run ArduPilot you need a minimum of 1Mb (2Mb preferred) flash memory.

Many flight controllers use the STM32F427 microcontroller, so look for a board that uses this chip.

What about this ?

And this


And what about beta flight osd ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Those boards should work, but they are not currently supported by ArduPilot.

You will need to write the hwdef (hardware definition) file and test the board yourself. See https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/porting.html

I’ve not worked with the betaflight OSD.

i like the topic!
what gps / compas / barometer would you recommend?

Hmm , it’s little bit confusing for me and I can’t afford because every time pushing on Android so I think I cand get it :pensive:

Thank you

Think about gps , my recommendation is radio link SE100 it’s excellent in my case or at my place (any other suggestions) and it’s free compass with any gps :joy:.

Baro is standard pixhawk "MEAS or MS5611 (or any other standard suggestions)

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: