FS-IA6B - ArduPilot does not display any input


Hey, i connected my fs-ia6b to my fc but it just doesnt detect any input (Setup → RC Calibration)

Could anyone help me?

Use search here for “fs-ia6b”. This is asked frequently. The answer usually is the wrong pins used on the Receiver or iBus/Sbus isn’t confiture on the Transmitter or both.

im 90% sure i did not use the wrong pins:

TX5, 5V and G on the FC; And i attached a picture how i connected the reciever

Doesn’t look right to me but I don’t have one of those radois. If I did I would connect to either PPM or iBus. How many posts did you read after the search?

I read like 10, every one is different :confused:

didnt i connect ibus?

It does look that way. Did you configure iBus on the Transmitter? Try PPM if that doesn’t work.
What FC do you have?

Yes i have. PMM does not work.

This comes when i finish calibrating (during calibration no input displayed)

Matek F405 Wing

I suppose you have connected to the Sbus pin on the FC? That’s all I got.

From the Matek Website for the F405-Wing Ardupilot page:

F405 ardu

Edit: My bad, i have the F450-WMN

That doesn’t even look like my board…

Your double bad, no such board. However, there is a F405-WMN and the RCINPUT can be found here:

Yeah, im sorry.

Isnt that excatly where i have connected it (RX5, G, 5V)

RC Input

The RX2 pin, which by default is mapped to a timer input, can be used for all ArduPilot supported receiver protocols

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Finally, it worked, tysm!