Frustrated with Ardupilot documentation

I just bought several bluetooth modules to use for telemetry. I have 2 HM06, and 2 HM10. From what I understand, the HM10 cannot be used because of something about a serial connection. I tried the HM06, and was able to connect it to my computer just fine, and I even have a com port that shows up for it in Ardupilot; but that is where my luck runs out. It will not connect. No matter what baudrate I select (and set in the device manager as well) it will not connect. It asks me to put in the password, but it doesn’t connect. I can deal with that. This is for my computer, and I have a cable for that. I want to connect it to my phone, so I decided to figure that out first. So, I connected to my phone, put the passcode in, and tried to connect to ardupilot. nothing. It shows up in the port list with the rest of my bluetooth devices, but it just will not connect… So I figured I would just try one of the apps mentioned in the documentation. I searched the play store and found… neither of them. No AndroPilot, No Droid planner. This kind of thing is incredibly frustrating.

I keep finding answers that don’t seem to apply. Apps that don’t exist in the app store. I understand that this sort of thing seems incredibly basic, and should be no problem, but no one just woke up one day knowing how to configure ardupilot settings. Unhelpfull people answering questions without giving answers isn’t very helpfull either.

This is also after trying to figure out how to use telemetry radios that I don’t know how to use. I know this just comes down to a matter of me doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. I think I’m running into too many dead ends with ardupilot. I’ve dealt with damn near every possible issue that I think I can at this point. I never went to college for this stuff, and I’m not in college now. I feel like there should be more clear information somewhere, but I don’t know where to find it.

It would have been helpful to know that. I personally have never seen ANY of this stuff used. I bought the HC-10’s at microcenter on the same shelf as the HC-06. I saw a bluetooth module and remembered seeing something about it in the documentation and wanted to try using one. Just to be clear, I know that I’M the issue here; I’m learning. BUT, the source I’m learning from seems lazy in places. My frustration is that I’m trying to learn from a source that skims the basics.

I don’t want to sound like an ass on here, I understand that I’m learning something new, and I can’t expect to just wake up one morning and know which radio is more obscure than another that looks identical. Learning doesn’t work that way, and I can’t will myself an answer. It is incredibly frustrating to follow every one of the steps for something simple, only to get nowhere. It’s more frustrating to be reffered back to the same steps that I already followed, and even on the same page that I was clearly frustrated about.

Ardupilot documentation is not and encyclopedic libray full of every possible answer to any possible issue, and that’s okay.

A couple of things here;

  • I don’t see ANYWHERE that mentions a new or old listing of the HC -06. I have the page up right now. It does not tell me ANYWHERE that I need the old one.
  • The documentation does not say ANYWHERE that the baudrate cannot be changed, it even gives instructions to do so. If this is not the case, they should update the page.
  • The apps are not on google play store, maybe a link to download would be appropriate.
  • 57600 is REPEATEDLY referenced as the default baudrate, why would I assume, or even attempt 9600 without trying to set it as per the instructions in the documentation?

Every time I ask questions in here someone has answers that are NOT in the documentation.

I only discovered this last week when I bought some more hc06 modules so it’s not surprising that it’s not been documented yet. I don’t think many people know that a new hc06 version exists as there is very little documentation on it and very few sellers list it as any different. I had to go googling the firmware versions on the modules to find this out. You can’t expect documentation on hardware that no one has used before.

Well, I’m using an HC-06. I wrote HM-06 on accident.

Have you tried any AT commands yet to see if you can change the settings.

HC06 modules come with different defaults depending on who manufactured it and what firmware is on it. So you should program it with AT commands to set the name and baud before use.

If it’s a newer one it might only work at 9600 and not respond to AT commands.

The HC-05 has not changed as far as I know so it will be a safer bet as it should match all documentation.

The problem here is that there IS documentation, and no, the hardware is not so new that no one is using it yet.

All the documentation is referencing the HC-06, not the HC-05. I’m looking at the same page you are. I’m going to download a terminal emulator right now to try.

I’m going to move away from the ardupilot documentation for the time being though. If this hardware truly is too new to have documentation, and no one is using it, then what am I doing in this forum still?

Listen man… I had no way of knowing that my radio is brand new, and that the documentation is not up to date. That’s not even on Ardupilot.

  • The documention says they come set up, why would I watch a video to set them up; especially when the documentation says I don’t need to?
  • Was it really unrealistic to buy the radio that is mentioned specifically in the documentation and expect the steps to work? REALLY man?
  • HC-05 is mentioned only once on the entire page, where are you seeing that it matches the documentation?

You’re saying this stuff like it should be obvious when it isn’t

You didn’t help me to begin with. The first thing you did was send me back to documentaion that I already read, then told me I shouldn’t expect it to work. If that’s your idea of help then you should keep your comments to yourself.

No problem :+1:I can do that

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Already deleting your rude comments, huh?

Seems like there was a one-to-one conversation that didn’t go well. I havent seen the original answers, but i can read your posts.

First of all, ardupilot and everything that has to do with it is open source. Free of charge, no subscriptions, no payments, nothing.

It is written and maintained by volunteers, who dont get paid.

Same for the documentation. Volunteers, no payments, free of charge.

You are free, to use it, or, if it doesn’t suit your needs, you can choose to not use it. Again, no obligations, no charges, free and open.

Thats how ardupilot works.

I get that, and I appreciate the time and effort of all the people involved. My frustration was that I bought the exact module mentioned in the documentation, and this guy just spent the entire night telling me I have unrealistic expectations. I didn’t think I had any expectations other than to follow steps to use known hardware. He kept saying it was too new, and offered no solution. And even THAT is fine. If you don’t have a solution thats is perfectly fine, you don’t have to asshole people. Thats why he deleted all of his comments.

At this point I would pay someone to give me a solid run down on how a few things work. Ardupilot is some cool ass software, someone like me eats this stuff up. I love it. But, I can’t expect to just will myself complete mastery of this stuff overnight. I have a basic understanding of ardupilot,and thats about it.

Unfortunately there are Hundreds of pages on the documentation and we lack of workforce to maintain everything.
The bluetooth page date from 2018, that is probably why it doesn’t work now … I will put a notice to add WARNING that it probably won’t work as the info are outdated.
If you find a working solution we will be pleased to use your experience to improve the wiki. sorry that it didn’t worked directly for you

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That’s perfectly fine, I wish that was the first response I got. I had the damn thing paired to my laptop somehow; I don’t even remember doing it. Not sure if that was the issue, but it works now.

*The Amazon listing shows a screenshot of settings, and they do mention that the default baudrate for the HC-06 is 9600.

I would definitely start there. And I would be more than happy to put together whatever i find if it ends up being helpful. I would love to contribute to ardupilot, I just don’t know what I would have to offer lol.

any contributions are welcome, just helping the other with some wiki update is a great thing!