Frsky s-port telemetry

Hi all,
We have Cube Orange autopilot with ADS-B carrier board and arducopter V4.1.5.
We are tryng to configure the FRSKY SPort to read telemetry from cube.
We have configured the serial 1 port (Telem 1) with the following parameter:


we have measured with scope the signal between TX and GND pin of Telem 1 port but there isn’t output from the port. If we change the SERIAL1_PROTOCOL on Mavlink (2) we can see signal on the scope.

We also try to connect a 10k resistor between signal (TX pin) and GND but nothing append.

I see on the ardupilot web site that the cube Orange don’t Need an external inverter.

Can anyone help me ?

Have you saw this note in the Documentation?

Hi Bruno and thanks for the reply.
Yes, i saw this note and i tried to use it but nothing change for me.
I tried to change the Serial1_Protocol => 3 (FRSKY D) also to check if the port (Serial 1) send out some data and indeed the scope measure something but when i write 10 (FRSKY S-PORT PASSTHROUGH) the scope does not detect anything.
I think that if i set SERIAL1_PROTOCOL => 10 the autopilot must send out something from the port and after that i can change the “serial options” to fix the signal logic (Invert RX, Half Duplex,…),
How do you think ?
Thanks for your time.

I’ve got telemetry and control working using F.Port with a Matek H7 board, but it sounds like the Cube Orange has some additional gotchas.

Assuming you’re using a regular S.Port pad/pin on the receiver, I think you’d want SERIALx_PROTOCOL=10 and SERIALx_OPTION=15

The S.Port pin/pad on the receiver should go to a Tx pin/pad on the flight controller.

According to Connecting to FrSky Sport and FPort — Plane documentation the Cube Orange needs a 10K pulldown resistor on the receiver’s SPort signal.

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