Frsky R9 SBUS + pixhawk

To this time i used Turnigy 9X + FrSky DJT transmitter with D4R-II receiver to control pixhawk2.4.8 via PPM signal.
Now I get Frsky R9M transmitter with R9 receiver.
I still want use Turnigy 9X, so i put in radio that transmitter and bind with R9 receiver. I set switches to 25mW / telemetry ON. PWM outputs work fine on R9 receiver, but when I connected SBUS output to RC input in pixhawk it don’t work. As i read documentation of ardupilot it should detect signal automatically, right?
Should I set something else in arducopter settings? Or set something else in RC link?

No, it should work. What R9 receiver is it?

Try and bind with both switches OFF. But I have always configured on the radio so not sure.

I just try again and it start working, i have no idea what was wrong previously.
Thanks for trying help!

For what is RxTx ports in R9M? It send same data like Smart Port?

Is it possible to get telemetry data from R9M on same way like from DJT module via Rx&Tx?

I’m using Turnigy 9X with Er9X and FrSky Mod. On DJT telemetry work fine.