From solid poshold to lots of drift? Not sure what's going on. Logs included

Here’s the story. I had excellent position hold dialed in with dual gps and OFS. I had a hard landing (drained the battery) and after that had really slow/mediocre gps lock. I discovered that the Mro gps was missing it’s battery. I replaced the battery which helped the gps lock faster, but position hold still isn’t what it used to be at all. If any of the log experts could take a peek at the two logs in this file and tell me if anything jumps out at them, it’d be much appreciated! Both logs are from inspection flights near a 500kv transmission line.

The compass offsets are high on all 3 mags even the one you have selected as primary (compass 2-IST8310).

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I believe I heard about a new parameter where you can force AP to only look at a single compass? Do you know anything about that? I wasn’t able to find it in my search efforts.

It’s not really new you have always been able to uncheck compass that you don’t want used.

I knew about that function, but from my understanding it still looks at unchecked compasses. As Dave noted, I only have one selected, but AP was looking at all 3.

Yes this is true… If only one is selected, and the unchecked ones have an issue or are way off from the one you have selected, it will still generate errors.

I thought there was a way though… Maybe removing the dev ID… Or something else…

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Yes, you can disable the driver(s) with a bitmask parameter. But all of yours are poor. How is the external one mounted?

When I’m home later I can give you the bitmask value to disable 2 of the mags if you want to try that. There is a python script to give the mag from the device ID and then it’s a bitmask of supported devices to disable the drivers.

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Thanks Dave. Currently the one I was using is mounted on top of the cube. I know it really needs to be on a mast, which I will do next. Thanks for the help!

Were there any other issues that jumped out regarding solid poshold? Should I be running EKF3 as I’ve heard Phillip (of proficnc) mention?

I didn’t see anything in your log to cause alarm. The tune is not bad, vibes are good, GPS (both) are working well.

If you want to disable the drivers for your compass 1 and 3 (QMC5883 & LSM303D) then use 4098 as the value for COMPASS_TYPEMASK…

I can’t help with EKF3, I’m not sure what that will offer.

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Thanks a ton for the reassurance Dave! I really appreciate you taking time to browse the logs.

If it isn’t too much trouble, what is the bitmask to only use compass 1? Is there a chart of some sort I can use for different configurations?

Attached is an Excel worksheet I put together awhile ago to produce the decimal value for the typemask parameter. Place 1’s in row 4 for the mags you don’t want drivers loaded.

The bonus BLHeli mask isn’t needed any longer as Mission Planner has nice checkboxes for that now :slight_smile:

Compasss Typemask (8.4 KB)

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