Fresh method to implement Autonomous Glider

Dear all,
I need to do a Prove Of Concept (POC) process on a fresh idea (patent pending) of “how to find better lift and better use that lift to gain height” for heavier than the air, aerial vehicles such as Glider, Hang glider, Paraglider, model Glider etc… I went through the Arduplane, and the Ardusoar text, and have 2 questions:

  1. In your view, can Ardusoar be used for such a project, with code being modify to fit the idea and make it into the “Brain” of the system? The target is to make sure it can act as autonomous aerial vehicle and stay aloft as long as there are Thermals or ridge lift.
  2. Then, if the answer for question 1 is positive and if there is someone that think he can join and modify the Ardusoar code to do it, I’d like to hear from him.

A few words about Myself: I am an Israeli, was working for Intel for the last 20 years, 9 years for Motorola Semiconductor and 3 years for a startup (as the CTO). I am dealing with flight as a hobby for the last 40 year and am flying paragliders (Nove Mentor 3 light) and motorized paragliding (Dudek Nuclion WRC + Top 80) for the last 15 years.