Frame_type betaflight (12) = prearm check frame_class error

Converting a quad which I previously has loaded with iNav.
Got Ardupilot 3.6.11 loaded on Matek405 std board.
Using QGroundControl…
Everything seems to work - radio, gps, etc.

First flight however it flipped so I figure my motor order may be off. Digging I found some references to a ‘betaflight’ frame type and found it in the docs:

However when I set that to ‘12’ with frame_class as quad I get a pre-arm failure…

PreArm: check firmware or Frame_Class. If I switch back to a X class it arms fine but won’t fly LOL.

So now I’m stuck :frowning:

Set it for X and then use the Motor Test in Mission Planner to confirm the correct order and direction for Quad X as per the Wiki.

Did you reboot after changing the param? The Betaflight motor order was added specifically for this use case, and has been tested to work. You can of course use X-Class and manually map the channels via if it just won’t take the param properly, but that shouldn’t be required.

Probably that frame class is only available on ArduCopter 4.0-rc2. So try upgrading.

Ah thanks for clarification. Guess I’ll give 4.0 a try.

Been tinkering with motor order on 3.6 using servo settings but despite the order and rotation being correct using the motor test - it just spins out of control during test flight. :\

Yeah so far have

1 -> 4 (b)
2 -> 1 (a)
3 -> 2 ( c)
4 -> 3 (d)

And that seems to work when I do the motor test. Rotation and order are correct but when I attempt to hover and take off it just flips.

Digging up my PDB docs that also seems to match the order.

Aha! Think I found it - board thinks it’s rotated. Could have sworn I checked that originally but may have reset it when I was changing other params. Lets see if this works :wink:

Check this by using the HUD in Mission Planner to confirm it pitches/rolls the correct way.