Frame Class error in Custom firmware

The other day I took a shot at using the custom firmware tool to make a version of ArduCopter for my old F450 beater. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and with this quad, not much to lose.

Creating the firmware went fine, and I flashed the .apj file without issue. But now when I connect to mission planner I get the error “Frame Unsupported” and “PreArm: Motors: Check Frame class and Type”

I checked the parameters for type and class and in the parameter list they are correct (1 and 1/ Quad, X frame). The quad was functional and no errors on 4.3.5 before installing the custom firmware.

What I wanted in the custom firmware:
Board: Matek F405-STD
Matek Optical Flow/Lidar 3901-L0X. (MSP)
Crossfire for both RC and I’ve wired a second uart for telemetry.
Zigzag mode
Wind estimation.

I’m using the old DJI escs and motors so I don’t need Dshot or anything fancy like that. (did I mention beater already?) There’s no cameras or FPV. No CAN.

Here’s the firmware build log. If somebody can tell me what I missed, or why I’m getting this error I’d appreciate it. The main goal is to tinker more with the optical flow/lidar. If I need to give up other features that’s fine. This is just a learning exercise.

build.log (98.4 KB)

Change it to 2 , write it. And change it back to one and write it again

Nope. Just tried and it’s still giving me the same error.

Full power cycles in-between changes just to be sure.

Did you manage to solve this? I had to change the computer where I was running my SITL so I had to do a clean install of ardupilot and now I am having the same issue

Nope, never did, but to be fair I also haven’t tried very hard. Other projects got in the way.