Fpv radio telemetry on mac m1

Hi, i made a similar post some month ago but didn’t really understand.
To make it short,
I want to buy a MacBook pro m1
But I want to be sure that I can continue my drone build and make it fly with a Mac.
I know that I can use Qground control but does the fpv telemetry works with a Mac ?( drivers etc…)
Because if not, it would mean that I can’t fly it neither continue my build without wireless telemetry

Thank you in advance for your help

First: I am sorry that such a great project as this does not have a proper multiplatform GCS and configuration tool.
Some parts are only in MissionPlanner, which you can, kind of get limping around using MONO.

I don’t know what you mean by FPV telemetry, is it telemetry, or video link you expect.

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Thank you for your fast response,
What do you mean by some part are only in mission planner?
I am taking about the telemetry that sends info from my drone to my computer (altitude, battery voltage etc…)
It’s this USB antenna that you plug into the USB port of the computer ( I will use an adaptor if i get the MacBook because it only has thunderbolt ports)

I meant that some needed, but less used stuff, like UAVCAN flashing and configuration, is only in MP.
Ok, the standard telemetry should absolutely work on your mac.
Apple tends to remove serial drivers, so you will need some FTDI or Prolifix/Cypress/Silicon Labs driver , depending on what is in the radio - most likely FTDI. and yes, it will work.

To identify it(in order to determine serial-USB chip), you can connecti it and lookup it’s VID:PID - or plug it into aly Linux computer, then just list it using dmesg (which will tell clearly what vendor/device it is)

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All these technical words sacres me. I should I have my Mac in a week. So I will very probably come back to you for help.
It’s a good news that it can work tho.

Btw Your profile picture is sick :fire:

I’ve used SiK radios and Wifi connections from TBS and RFD radios with my older macbooks. For flight QGC will have everything you need for telemetry and many people prefer it for that.

There is a beta version of Mission Planner you can use on a mac. But it is true beta. It works for many things but it’s got issues.

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I hope it still works with the M1 chip macbooks

MP works on parallels with no issues.

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Thanks but are you sure the 915mhz telemetry works? (Drivers etc…)

Don’t know, never tested it.